is Now

Deirdre is here to support your desire for lasting change and overcoming outdated life patterns. Unleash your true nature and potential — your future is now!

is Now

Deirdre is here to support your desire for lasting change and overcoming outdated life patterns. Unleash your true nature and potential — your future is now!


Deirdre specialises in supporting adults to catch up with past physical and emotional trauma, which is held unconsciously in the body and psyche and manifests in physical pain, unhealthy life choice patterns and general well-being.

What We Do

As a trauma-informed therapist, Deirdre offers therapeutic coaching through online and in person learning to individuals and groups. Her personal signature is in creating emotionally safe spaces where empowerment and healing occur through mutual support and understanding, guiding individuals towards a deeper sense of self-love and fulfilment.

About Me

The best guide is the one who has walked the line. My early life trauma biography led me to delve deeply to become trained in trauma-informed care and therapeutic interventions for personal growth. When we do our own deep personal work, we draw in people looking for that sense of authenticity and trust needed to open up to vulnerable spaces and radical acceptance of what is the key to igniting lasting change.

Early psychological trauma shows up as a backdrop to our thoughts, perceptions, emotions, reactions and life choices. These trapped experiences are outdated, and we want to update with the present so we can live from a place of our own internal YES to life.

Training & Qualifications

2004-2006: CST-T, including training for study group facilitator, CST for horses, and CST in water. Biodynamic and Upledger

2006-2012: Primary therapist at Intensive 5-day therapy programs in the USA, Iceland, and Ireland

2011-2013: Training equine assisted learning, Festina Lente, co Dublin, 4 weeks training with Equine guided learning and EAGALA

2016-2020: Certification in inner relationship focusing. 30 days of residential training in NVC, year-long NVC facilitator training.

2017-2020: IoPT training with Pr Franz Ruppert, Munich

Ongoing learning with Sarah Peyton, Thomas Hubl and IoPT and psychosocial emotional trauma.

What My Clients Say

“What is split off, not felt, remains the same. When it is felt, it changes.

A few moments of feeling it in your body allows it to change. That’s the only way it can evolve and change into the form it needs.” – Eugene Gendlin

How We Can Help You

We can access the human beings’ self-corrective and self-healing processes.

Immune System Disorders

Our bodies speak to us through symptoms and manifestations of disconnection from ourselves. Pain, headaches, IBS, skin conditions, and autoimmune diseases speak to a deep cry for help from the intelligence of our inner knowing. Providing a supportive space for self-healing can help you manage stress, regulate emotions, and improve overall well-being, potentially leading to enhanced immune function.

Pregnancy & Newborns

Deirdre’s primary focus and passion is working with parents and babies, from making room for baby by uncovering unconscious blocks that lead to a healthy emotional pregnancy to working with mothers and newborns after baby is home and growing. Read what Deirdre’s clients are saying.

Self-Healing | Holistic Health

Self-enquiry is the step to self-healing to wholeness. You are a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being. When one gets disconnected from who we are, we get out of alignment with our whole being. Good health comes from strengthening your physical and psychological body’s defences. We are becoming increasingly consumed by the speed of life, and we can lose contact with what really matters. Holistic Healing will take you back to making good life choices for your health, relationships, family and work.

Craniosacral Imbalance | Focusing

Our life force is expressed through potency in our craniosacral system. Trauma-informed attention to our pain, inner critic, and deeper self-sabotage through Craniosacral Therapy can set us free to discover life force energy and free us up from unconscious holding patterns in our bodies. We are wired to connect, belong and matter. Connect to heal.

Mental health is knowing yourself so you can be in the driving seat of your life. There is a way out if you really want to be that unique being you are. 

Stress & Anxiety

Unconscious psychological trauma rules our nervous systems. Chronic internal stress management comes at a deep cost to our physical health. 


IoPT is a theory based on reconnecting with lost parts of ourselves, which are time-frozen in our nervous systems and consciousness awareness. The Intention Method uses IOPT theory to make an Intention of SELF ENQUIRY for personal growth.