Mental Health & Trauma


Mental Health & Trauma

Mental health is knowing yourself so you can be in the driving seat of your life. There is a way out if you really want to be that unique being you are. 

Deirdre supports people in finding a way back to themselves through the body, where we began as growing babies, sensing and feeling our environment.

We can carry the wisdom and disconnection imprints of our family of origin in our psyches and bodies. Our psyche is like our inner compass, which gets stuck in fragmentation when we cannot bear an experience. Our core emotional needs are to be LOVED, WANTED, Protected, and LOVE.

Our unique BLUEPRINT holds all the intelligence we need to reconnect with our true nature.

Life is an unfolding living process.

We carry our conception, womb-time, birth and bonding imprints in our bodies, which can block our life flow and agency in moving forward with life goals and meaningful relationships.

Our innate compass can point us to lost moments in ourselves. When we are stuck, we need the support of an eagle’s eye witness to mirror back our blind spots so we can decode our unhealthy unknown patterns and update our nervous systems.

Babies (0-3 years old) innately know how to follow the wisdom of these stuck patterns, but the older we become, the more we need resonating empathy and guidance to the linkage of blocks and their root causes. Our body’s intelligence can find a way to heal uncovered hurt or unexpressed emotions. When a relational psychological trauma happens, we cannot choose, express or keep ourselves safe. Our intelligent psyche splits into overwhelming fear and pain, frozen in time and living in the present.

Many aspects of our lives are controlled by survival strategies to protect those imprisoned ice cubes. We can find our way back to give those ice cubes the space and accompaniment to unfreeze, be held in compassion and be allowed to upgrade to a new free body/brain integration that makes sense and creates lasting change.