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IoPT Resonance Based Identity Therapy

Facilitated by Deirdre Kennedy 



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Where: Adare Heritage Centre.

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A self-enquiry bringing an Intention for yourself - something you want to explore in your relationships, family, health, work, life choice.

The day will start with a brief introduction to the IoPT theory trauma and meditation.

IoPT or Identity Orientated Psychotrauma Therapy is the work developed by Dr. Franz Ruppert in the past 27 years.

This method explores how early pre-verbal and non-verbal trauma, developmental trauma, and trans-generational trauma has been split off and how it can impact on our core unique being. Our psyche is affected by unconscious splits desperate to be seen, acknowledged and integrated.
There are aspects of us hidden away in what Franz calls the traumatised split which is compensated for by coping and survival strategies….many of which manifest as doing things, keeping busy and distractions, identifying.. anything but coming back into the core being.

IoPT is a methodology which brings us into contact with these traumatised and survival parts . We aim to experience the unfolding from our ‘healthy self’, our resourced parts. Re- Interating with out true identity makes us stronger and embodied, with a new clarity on being our authentic selves.

Our ‘I’ is formed early with a symbiosis with our mother. Unhealthy symbiosis forms a trauma of love. IoPT method gives us insights to our many parts though the representation of others in the classical sense of systemic constellation work, which was developed by Bert Hellinger.

The How to:

This is group work. All participants are there for the day. Individual work is done through the person setting an intention. The others agree to be in service as ‘resonance’ representatives if asked/invited by the person with the intention.

We work with your picture you draw or your ‘Sentence of Intention’,
A representative is then chosen for each word and the “knowing field’ holds movement and expression, representing some aspect of the inner world.

The IoPT process of constellations is very simple.
You start with an INTENTION for your Self-enquiry. This is YOUR intention and any intention is okay because it is yours!
eg I want to be less fearful.
I want to feel more self-confident?
Why do I feel so unloved?
Why do I stay in my relationship?
Why am I over-eating?

You write the Intention on a whiteboard. Then place each word on a badge and ask a participant to resonate with that word. Resonate means anything that person feels, senses or thinks as they resonate with this part of your psyche - a split part of yourself from early trauma and survival which is showing itself as part of a healthy impulse to integrate our sense of self.
Some of the enquiry is silent then the person working goes to each person representing a word and gets more information about themselves. Embodied, focused and felt sensed, the process unfolds until the person feels the Intention has been answered for themselves. In a nutshell and so much more!!


- Is it suitable for me?
- This work is suitable for anyone who really wants to make a change to their quality of life and living.
- How do I know I will be a ‘good’ representative? There is no right or wrong..if you are chosen the wisdom in the person inviting you knows you can be the perfect resonance for their part wanting to be connected with.
- How do I choose a sentence?
You look inside at something that bothers you and you can’t understand why you do something, react unfavourably in certain situations

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