Deirdre Kennedy (BSc. MIACST, CST-T, CST Advanced, CSTP, ITEC, CST in Water. Equine CST.)


dkMy career started in the business world. I proceeded into teaching and training before being led to CST following its help in my recovery from chronic illness and pain. Trained to an advanced level with the Upledger Institute. I have a CST clinic for adults and children. I have a special interest in encompassing all family members to recognise and respond to change following CST treatment. I run study groups for CST students to complete their certification programs.

I keep my skills updated by working abroad in multi-therapists/client intensive programmes.

Participation allows me to share in a worldwide pool of therapist skills. It extends my experience to the scope of the work and belief in the body’s wisdom to respond to its own healing mechanisms through facilitation.

Starting out my career as a property valuation surveyor, I worked and lived in Belgium and later moved to Switzerland where I then worked as a teacher of English in the business and private world. I returned to Ireland due to ME and had to change my way of life-to learn how to slow down. My common thread in life has always been my passion and love for horses and animals in general. having trained in craniosacral therapy I went on to train in equine assisted facilitation in the USA and currently a year long program in Ireland. My goal is to bring equine assisted craniosacral therapy available nationwide.

Craniosacral therapy introduced me to the world of compassion and self healing. I have worked with therapists and learned skills from Europe and the USA thanks to Integrative Intentions (see I continue to travel to the USA every year to update my skills and personal work.

As well as a full time clinic where I specialise in babies and birth trauma I am a study group facilitator for Upledger Ireland. I have worked with trauma and systemic illness with family constellations. I run equine facilitated workshops for personal development, team building, self awareness and psychosomatic blockage release and integration. I also treat children with special needs on a one-to one basis with my horses and dogs. I am on the committee for the national organisation for equine facilitated work in Ireland and presented at the 2013 conference. See

I have been involved with the IACST over the past 8 years, from secretary to chairperson. I am now the coordinator for IACST CST sample days to help promote CST to the public and create a CST community nationwide.

I‘m also trained with Equine Craniosacral Therapy by a Canadian doctor of chiropractors who teaches equine CASt for the Upledger Institute worldwide. I have been a horse lover all my life and have ridden, worked, competed and taken care of horses for 40 years. I also trained and qualified in equine facilitated learning and therapy from the USA (Arianna Strozzi), EAGALA and I am one of the first graduates of the first year long EFL coaching programmes. I am a member of founding EFETA, the umbrella organisation for all equine facilitated work including therapeutic riding equine facilitated psychotherapy and equine facilitated learning. My main area of interest is horse welfare and I want to teach those in the horse world to better understand the communication from horses to better the relationship between human and horse. I would consider myself a fore runner in the new area of equine facilitated craniosacral therapy following my work with a herd of horses in the USA since 2006. I have two rescue horses with my team of four at home where I specialise in equine facilitated work with children with special needs, family constellations and the corporate world in leadership and team building.