Deirdre Kennedy - Helping you find missing links with yourself and those you love



The best therapist is the one who has walked the line. My own trauma biography led me to delve deeply to become trained and understand what it takes to heal physically and emotionally from early (Womb, birth, relational) trauma, development trauma and physical/emotional trauma from life events.

Following a life threatening car accident in 1986 I started out my career as a property valuation surveyor working in Dublin and Belgium. Following untimely redundancy I trained to teach English to non native speakers. I then taught English in Belgium and Switzerland where I then worked as a teacher of business English to professionals and exam students for the pharmaceutical industry.

In 1997 my body said NO to the excessive hours working in a ‘ giving’ profession. My body went into shutdown and forced me to surrender to listening to my unmet needs and taking myself seriously. I returned to Ireland and had to change my way of life-to learn how to slow down. I met wonderful people on this path and learned so much about what it means to be vulnerable in chronic pain and how to reach out for help.

Craniosacral therapy and the people I met introduced me to the world of compassion and self healing. I have worked in multiple intensive therapy programs in Europe and the USA. I opened a clinic in Adare, Co Limerick in 2005. I have studied and continued to learn the how and whys of what it takes to heal from the inside out. I help people make links with unconscious patterning and blockages that inhibit the freedom to be the authentic self. I now know that most internal blocks are caused by disconnection in our early relationships, even from from conception.

I specialise in baby, children and adult bodywork. I assist emotional and physical releases from any experienced stuck in the body from a trauma and help integrate and process births for both mother and baby. I help parents understand baby communication and how to connect with themselves their babies and children.

I was involved in the running and development of the IACST, the list of cst practitioners trained in Ireland. I facilitated study groups in students cst for Upledger.


1986-1990: BSc (Surveying)

2004-2006: CST-T including training for study group facilitator, CST for horses, CST in water. Biodynamic and Upledger

2006-2012: Primary therapist at Intensive 5 day therapy programs in USA, Iceland, Ireland

2011-2013: Training equine assisted learning, Festina Lente, co Dublin, 4 weeks training with Equine guided learning and EAGALA

2016-2020: Certification in inner relationship focusing. 30 days residential training in NVC, year long NVC facilitator training.

2017-2020: IoPT training with Pr Franz Ruppert, Munich

Ongoing learning with Sarah Peyton, Thomas Hubl and IoPT and psychosocial emotional trauma.