Equine Facilitated CST

"I am one priviledged person that experienced the wonderful equine facilitated therapy. I lay on a table in a field with the horses on a beautiful sunny evening. Deirdre & Lily worked on me & during the session the horses came & went, nuzzled my hand, my leg, my face and even at one stage caught the lace of my shoe and shook my leg. The horses intensified the cranial session and helped release more trauma from my body. Absolutely amazing. A wonderful experience. CranialSacral Therapy has really helped me in life and has made me a much more positive happier person and I have got tremendous relief from my back pain!" A.M. 

 "Many thanks for a wonderful session with you and Speckles in August. I feel like my whole system has reset itself and I am back to my own self again after the session. It was a very profound session for me and I received answers to questions that had been worrying me for a while. I left the session with a wonderful sense of peace, happiness and well-being. Thank you so much for the beautiful energy you bring and the addition of the equine assist in the therapy makes it a magical experience. I have had some experience with cranio sacral before but never with such amazing and instantaneous results as this one. Many thanks to Speckles also. It was a wonderful experience for me."
With gratitude



Craniosacral Therapy

 “The pain from my frozen shoulder was affecting the quality of my life. CST helped my body to heal itself without any invasion.”

“I hadn’t realized that my upset mind was causing my body stress and disease. From anger, tension and anxiety, through CST, came softness, relaxation, peace and acceptance.”

“Having suffered migraine for 18 years I attended Deirdre. Now they are a distant memory. Many thanks.” 

“In week 4 of my pregnancy I got severe sinus blockage. I couldn’t take any medication. It was worst at night when I lay down

and so disturbed my sleep. It continued on into week 15 when I received a CST treatment. There was instant relief, just like something was unplugged”

 "My 4 year old son had suffered from asthma and chronic coughing since he was a baby. He has been asthma and cough free after just three treatments.”

 “Claire was born with a flat head. She was stuck for a long time during her birth – the change to the shape of her head has been huge after five  CST sessions.”