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Deirdre Kennedy MIACST DeirdreKennedyCST

Deirdre works with a combination of skills and training. She facilitates and supports in a way that aims to empower and inform her clients. She draws from her multi layered skillset from training in craniosacral therapy, focusing therapy, equine therapy, Constellation IoPT therapy and Compassionate Communication.

Why do we different appointment durations?
Appointment duration is the essence of change in a full integrative process. 

Listening with presence is a way of being received in our accounts of what happened to us - Being heard helps us integrate the missing links of a less than ideal experience of conception, pregnancy, birth, feeding and any other reasons people may wish to choose Deirdre as a support in pain and life transitions.

Sharing our account of what happened is an integral part of the appointment process as well as hands on treatment. Deirdre offers this unique service as a trained trauma informed therapist. There is no “doing or fixing“ to the body. Our bodies have their own way of moving through difficult experiences.

Deirdre offers 60 minute-90 minute appointments at her clinic in Adare, online and therapy outside with her ponies in Ardpatrick, both in Limerick. Equine therapy can be in groups or individuals. Constellation (Inner relationship IoPT) can also be in groups or individual. Process needs time and presence.
The clients intention is Deirdre’s key focus-zoning in on Why am I here?”


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Cancellation Policy
You have the option to cancel your appointment 24 hours in advance of your scheduled appointment and receive a refund (minus booking fee of €5.00) 24 hour cancellation policy notice. If you wish to cancel after this you will lose a non-refundable deposit of €50.00. The refund is made by Adare Craniosacral Therapy and it may take up to 7 business days to receive through Stripe system.




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