Somato Emotional Release

In our daily lives, we can have all types of experiences which affect us physically/emotionally. Mostly we can overcome them ourselves. But what happens if we can’t? What happens if we bottle them up or we get stuck? For example, let’s say we have a significantly serious accident or emotional upset or upheaval. The trauma to our bodies may be so great as to put a pattern of restriction and compensation in our bodies that it may not be able to release on its own. This is a natural protection at the time but symptoms can go on for years, often accumulating. When the effects do begin to surface the symptoms may not be in the area of the accident and we may not be able to associate the symptom with anything. Damage to the lower spine, for example may show up as headaches or depression. Loss of a missed loved one can show up as a physical manifestation.

From an emotional aspect, trauma causes a release of chemicals and hormones into the system to help the body deal with the initial emergency. Sometimes the body continues this pattern causing long term anxiety and irritation. Dr Upledger, the osteopathic physician who developed Craniosacral Therapy, named the facilitated release of such tension from the body Somato Emotional Release.

Here is a really good video from Chas Perry explaining trauma in the body and how CST can help, please watch: