Deirdre is now located at the Croom Primary Care Centre.

This website hopes to inform you of the benefits of Relational Craniosacral Therapy & Equine Therapy.

Deirdre specialises in catching up with past physical and emotional trauma which is held unconsciously in the body and manifesting in physical pain, unhealthy life choice patterns in relationships and caring for our wellbeing.

Craniosacral Therapy for conception, pregnancy, infants, toddlers, children and adults.

Since 2005 Deirdre has been supporting infants and muns before and during pregnancy for in-uteruo bonding and after birth for physical and emotionay recovery.

Trauma can be any event or experience that is locked in freeze, flight or flight in the body.

Early trauma means we were emotionally unaccompanied when we are too young and vulnerable to respond or defend ourselves.
Early trauma can affect women wanting to conceive naturally and hold full term pregnancies.

To the right is a video to show the impact of equine presence in the application of Craniosacral Therapy for Autistic Spectrum Disorder please watch -->


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Please note new location Croom Primary Care Centre, Skagh, Croom, Co. Limerick, V35 XT25

IoPT Resonance Based Identity Therapy

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IoPT Resonance Based Identity Therapy

Facilitated by Deirdre Kennedy 

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Watch video here about IoPT

Equine Assisted CST - Watch Video


are in the same way
so many other things are
and we can only sometimes be
if ever never questioning
their own presence they live
fully bearing reality

and they can break your heart
away from its learned divisions
among colors and classes
between species and species

like the great whales
who also bring their giant
eyes and giant powers
so close kindly allowing

us to fall or not
into their invitation
our finely constructed
selves vanishing slowly
into these at last fathomable

truths reminding even
the most fragmented
how to allow themselves
to be scattered this time
into the indivisible

Jan Crawford NYC